BTC Merchant Account

Accept Bitcoin and other types of Crypto Payments with our BTC Merchant Account Services

Bitcoin Merchant Account

The Benefits Of Having A Bitcoin Merchant Account Include:

  • A BTC Merchant Account totally eliminates chargebacks and allows frictionless transactions without having to worry about fraud, identity theft, geographic limits, or credit and debit declines.
  • The simplest method of making a cryptocurrency payment – BTC Merchant Account – Crypto payment processing services
  • No geographical or network censorship means shoppers all around the world can buy from our merchants. 
  • As a safeguard against crypto volatility, Market Price Settlement is set at the time of sale and settles direct to your bank in your currency or to your wallet in crypto, what ever you chose when you open a crypto merchant account.
  • Checkout is straight forward providing the ” Ultimate shopping experience and customer satisfaction “
  • Payments are accepted in Bitcoin as well as many other cryptocurrencies.
  • Your customers never have to reveal any personal data.
  • Accept Ecommerce Crypto Payments anywhere.
  • Retail merchant payment terminal available for face to face transaction
  • Accept settlement in Cryptocurrency or your currency 
  • Use your existing ” Digital Wallet ”


Decentralized Banking and crypto merchant payments made fast and easy. Settle in crypto or fiat.
Decentralized Banking and crypto merchant payments made fast and easy. Settle in crypto or fiat.

Flow of Payments

  • At checkout, your customer chooses to pay in cryptocurrencies (in-store, on the web).
  • They pay from their crypto wallet on the merchant’s website.
  • You may choose to accept crypto currency as payment directly to your wallet and receive it within minutes rather than wait for a bank deposit to arrive.
  • Or you may prefer to receive settlement in Fiat – USD or CAD etc. , in which case we can exchange crypto for fiat and settle in your preferred currency same as a standard merchant account by bank deposit.

Unlike credit card processors, we do not consider some business models as High Risk or unacceptable and can accommodate most business types.

Check the list of  acceptable merchant types